Single Board Computer Design

As the age of the aircraft, electronic systems, software platforms and supporting equipment inventory continues to increase, TES customers continually find themselves needing to address aging and obsolescence issues. These issues may arise from an unexpected need to extend the service life of a system, from a diminishing or non-existent supplier base or simply the inevitable advances and sophistication of technology.

Obsolescence challenges can be as specific as a single electronic component or circuit board that is no longer being produced by a vendor or a larger system's failure to keep up with the ever changing needs of end users. Whether it's proving technical expertise to help streamline the development process, the design and manufacturing of circuit cards or the development of API level software solutions, TES offers a wide and flexible range of capabilities to support aging equipment and systems obsolescence.

Full Authority Digital Electronics Controller (FADEC)

To solve the obsolescence issues for the control of a variety of turbo shaft engines, TES is redesigning the Full Authority Digital Engine Controller so that it is easier to maintain and less costly to repair.