TES-SAVi stands ready to help build your FACE™ solutions.  Including components, systems, and systems-of-systems development needs; Verification efforts; and flight worthy and platform integration efforts.  We can help you establish a reusable deployment FACE™ product line, end to end.  Experienced engineers with access to our AWESUM™ product line ensures we can develop and deliver product faster within budget.

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FACE™ Product Development Services

TES-SAVi FAME™ (a FACE™ Architecture Modeling Environment) is a complete end to end capability for composing FACE-candidate conformance ready data models.  It handles the complexities of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid prototyping toward the end game of FACE Conformance.

FACE Verification Authority

TES-SAVi is offically approved to serve as a registered and sanctioned FACE Verification Authority (VA) as of May 2014.  TES-SAVi is the first approved commercial FACE VA.