FAA DO178 Development

TES is one of a very few small companies that can develop and verify flight safety critical software per the rigorous Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) DO-178 guidelines. This places TES at the same level as many aerospace prime contractors. Since 1997, TES has completed over 140 development and validation DO178 projects and has spent over 450,000 hours developing, testing and certifying hardware and software for our aviation customers.

Some of the systems TES has conducted DO178 development, verification and validation for include:

  • Full Authority Digital Engine Controllers (FADECs) used to control jet engines
  • Cabin Pressure Control Systems
  • Smoke Detection and Suppression Systems used in aircraft
  • Emergency Oxygen Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Military Communications

Software DO-178

DO-178 is one of the most stringent standards in use in the software development industry. It offers a strict certification requirement for software where anomalous behavior could cause a catastrophic failure condition. Companies around the world use this standard to specify the safety and airworthiness of software for avionics systems. More specifically, it is used in the development, supply, acquisition, evaluation/certification, and operation of software products to be integrated in airborne systems and equipment.

DO-178 focuses on the entire software life-cycle environment and describes techniques and methods appropriate to ensure the integrity and reliability of avionics software. The standard is considered so thorough that it has been often used outside the aeronautics industry and has been instrumental to the development of similar standards in other fields where dependability and safety is a strong requirement including: Nuclear Power, Rail and Automotive, and Medical industries.

Turn-Key Solutions

TES makes the entire DO-178B process available to its customers as a Turn-Key Solution. When provided with an avionics component or Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), TES will develop, document, test, integrate, verify and support the certification of the device through the FAA using our proven processes. We are proud to be a certified Aerospace Quality Standard AS9100 facility, which includes ISO 9001:2000. All our programs follow a mandatory audit schedule to ensure all requirements of the contract are being followed.