Industrial Digital Engine Controller (iDEC)

TES provides unique and custom solutions that meet our customers’ needs—for example, the adaptation of iDEC for new markets.

While FADEC systems have traditionally been used in avionics, in 2010, Tucson Embedded Systems developed and began manufacturing iDEC     units for use in turbine-powered pumping equipment used in hydraulic fracturing operations and for power generation applications.

TES’s patented application of digital technology applied to turbine control systems is the first in the industry to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

In the last 20 years, TES gained extensive experience and knowledge in the software development and testing of mission and safety critical systems for both the military and commercial aerospace industries.  This experience led TES to develop a Full Authority Digital Engine Controller used to control various types of engines with more capability and versatility. TES’ new product is called the Industrial Digital Engine Controller (iDEC).

The benefits of TES' iDEC are:

  • Small Form Factor
  • Dual Fuel: Diesel/JP-8 and Natural Gas Ready
  • Currently Serviceable for the E/TF40-B, TF50 and T55 Turbines
  • Adaptable to other Turbine Types and Families
  • Solutions to Engine Controller Obsolescence
  • Low Cost

Green Field Energy Services
September 20, 2013

  Tucson Embedded Systems (TES) has been instrumental in the development of the “Turbine Frac Pack”. The proprietary system developed by TES and GFES to operate our turbine driven equipment is unparalleled in the industry. Their system allows GFES to operate on both liquid and gaseous fuels. The new “Cruise Frac” system allows the operator to select a BPM and the IDEC (Industrial Digital Engine Controller)controls the turbine’s speed whilst maintaining this rate, essentially a frac cruise control. The IDEC monitors and records all engine and pump details which aids in our maintenance program, additionally the system allows for remote monitoring in “Real Time” further aiding management with offsite supervision. Tucson Embedded Systems’ extensive background in the aerospace industry has allowed them to bring a unique and fresh perspective to the oil and gas industry. The relationship that TPT and TES enjoy allows both companies to push the envelope and to bring new and exciting products to the market.
Ted McIntyre II
President, C.E.O.
Marine Turbine Technology

Tucson Embedded Systems and Green Field Energy Services Partnership Honored by World Oil as 2013 Award Winner

Tucson Embedded Systems, Inc. (TES) in partnership with Green Field Energy Services received high accolades by World Oil as a 2013 World Oil Award winner for their collaboration on turbine-powered fracturing pump technology.

Green Field Energy Services was honored for the World Oil Award in the 2013 New Horizons Idea category for their Turbine Fracturing Pumps, which use patent-pending Tucson Embedded System’s Technology. In 2012, Green Field Energy Services selected TES’s iDEC system to power these pumps and with TES engineering support adapted the Tucson company’s iDEC units to successfully run on 100 percent field gas.

This revolutionary technology makes it simpler for customers to convert from diesel to natural gas as a fuel source.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Tucson Embedded Systems to develop a turbine-driven system that gives our customers the most innovative solutions for their fracturing operations,” said Rick Fontova, President of Green Field Energy Services.

While iDEC systems have traditionally been used in avionics, the TES iDEC assembly is the only one of its kind in that it adapts the use of turbines to be used in other industrial settings. In 2010, Tucson Embedded Systems developed and began manufacturing iDEC units for use in turbine-powered pumping equipment used in hydraulic fracturing operations.

TES's universal iDEC unit offers an enhanced engine control and safety system unique to power plants to improve reliability and expand drilling extraction methods allowing turbines to run efficiently on natural gas or diesel fuel.

TES' universal iDEC unit improves drilling extraction methods by allowing turbines to run efficiently on natural gas or diesel fuel compared to the industries traditionally mixed power. Based on current energy prices, by using 100 percent field gas instead of diesel, an operator can lower its fueling costs by up to 88 percent. In addition to environmental benefits, the iDEC unit reduces emissions and delivery traffic.