Introducing TESseract for FACE Developers and FACE Platforms!!!

TESseract (a TES, CES, and FlightWire partnership) is a scalable off-the-shelf solution for rugged, flight capable UAS computers hosting FACE architectures. TESseract VNXx4 is the first in a line of expanding systems, which can grow as needs change, from a small 2-card system, to a fully redundant 8-slot solution.

SWAP Matters

TESseract VITA 74 Small Form Factor (VNX) architecture and technologies are designed to work standalone or within a triple redundant systems. This processing center gives the user two QorIQ PowerPC based processors, a next-generation communications card, and a host of avionics I/O; all in a package 1/3rd the weight and size of today’s standard 3U-VPX chassis.

Rugged for Harsh Military Environments

Wide-range input power supplies, a fully sealed conduction cooled chassis, and MIL-STD-810G based environments provide a rugged platform for embedded processing able to operate in the most extreme UAS environments.

Deterministic High-Speed Communications

Extensive use of optical interfaces ensures EMI protection of high-speed communication buses, as well as PCIe based shared memory rings between multiple VNX chassis. Through the selection of configurable I/O and MiniPCIe connection points, the system provides an array of serial, discrete, MIL-STD-1553, AS5643/IEEE-1394b and other data bus interfaces, as well as options for embedded IMU, EGI, and differential GPS functionality.

Prepared Specifically for FACE Product Developments – Industry Unique!!

TES’ TESseract processor is loaded with a FACE common operating environment, i.e., FACE architecture libraries. TESseract is prepared to support a wide-range of military avionics, embedded development or real-time safety-critical operations.

Robust Expandability - cause SWAP Matters

The TESseract VNXx4 is the first in a line of expanding systems which can grow as needs change, from a small 2-card system, to a fully redundant 8 slot solution.

No other product provides all of these features; nothing comes close.

TESseract is designed to provide a rugged airworthy flight control computer with robust redundancy and networking capabilities. Featuring 2 separate PowerPC based processing cards, Fiber Optic based Mil-1394 (AS5643) communication bus, and 2 expandable IO cards. TESseract FW-3x-VNX-800 VNX 19mm card was developed in partnership with FlightWire Technologies provides a robust, redundant, EMI protected, and flight capable networking bus.  Based on proven AS5643/IEEE-1394b (Mil-1394) standards and hardware, this implementation provides gigabit speed and triple redundancy on the TESseract.

Figure – TES’ TESseract and Mil-1394 VNX Communication Card