Site Advise™

Managing and locating vital hardware and equipment can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Whether on the battlefield or deep inside an active work zone, quickly and accurately capturing the real-time location and operational status of hardware and assets across your organization can be the difference between success and failure.

Using ZigBee mesh networks, TES' Asset Nodes can be distributed and connected to a variety of assets and communicate with each other and back to the Gateway Node.  The entire system can be controlled through central applications over a secure Ethernet network. Designed for use in rugged environmental conditions, TES Asset Nodes can be used for several applications including:

  • Real-time GPS-enabled asset location tracking
  • Monitoring and adjusting environmental controls, such as temperature and humidity
  • Asset power control and management, providing the remote abilty to turn equipment and/or lights on and off
  • Mobile platform "condition-based maintenance" such as monitoring tire pressures, fuel and oil levels of machinery and water tank levels

Asset Tracker Deployment

To solve a customer’s challenge of managing and locating equipment and other assets, TES built a low cost asset tracking system for geographically expansive sites. This tracking system of ZigBee sensors helps customers manage up to 500 assets like heavy equipment and shipping crates. The Asset Nodes provide 1 analog input, 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, GPS and an accelerometer to provide location and control of various systems. The ZigBee mesh network will communicate with the customers’ central management application over Ethernet. This is a turn-key solution ----- TES designs, develops and manufactures these units all in house.