Industrial Digital Engine Controller (iDEC)

The iDEC controls turbine shaft engines for Fracking and power generation.


CruzFrac™ software and electric components control high horsepower turbine driven centrifugal pumps for use in hydraulic fracturing operations and provide diagnostic services for monitoring and identifying performance issues of high pressure pump systems.


TESseract (a TES, CES, and FlightWire partnership) is a scalable off-the-shelf solution for rugged, flight capable UAS computers hosting FACE architectures. TESseract VNXx4 is the first in a line of expanding systems, which can grow as needs change, from a small 2-card system, to a fully redundant 8-slot solution.

Site Advise

Managing and locating vital hardware and equipment can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Whether on the battlefield or deep inside an active work zone, quickly and accurately capturing the real-time location and operational status of hardware and assets across your organization can be the difference between success and failure.

AWESUM Product Suite

AWESUM™ (Airworthy Engineering Systems Unified Modeling) is an end-to-end complete lifecycle toolset which fuses systems and software modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities, modular open system architechtures (MOSA), and device and sensor integration techniques into a single package to enable rapid design, development, verification, certification, and deployment of interoperable, platform portable, embedded mission-critical, safety-critical avionic systems.

FACE Data Modeling Tooling

TES-SAVi FAME™ (a FACE™ Architecture Modeling Environment) is a complete end to end capability for composing FACE-candidate conformant ready data models.  It handles the complexitites of large collections of entities, and promotes rapid protyping toward the end game of FACE Conformance.